The Reef Cebu

This upscale, multi-storey hotel+residences along the famous beach of Mactan, Cebu, Philippines offers a transformational way of living a vibrant, sophisticated lifestyle. This required a Total Design Approach to optimize the harmonious relationship between existing environments, people, lifestyle, the project vision and brand identity. A truly effective design solutions understands the core of a project. The creation of a desired Brand Image + Identity became a guiding principle in design.

Modern Living with Nature.

Man is nature. And the nature is man. One’s existence and well-being supports the other. Nature’s power to heal, nurture renew and restore is harnessed in The Reef’s resort living. Every feature, service and amenity contributes to the holistic nurturing of mind, body and spirit, elevating living environments.

Water is Life.

Aside from maintaining visual connectivity to the waters, The Reef’s Architecture + Interiors always make one feel linked to the sea. A waterfall cascading 18.6 meters from the 8th floor, merging in the lobby’s reflective pool, provides the auditory, visual and tactile communion with nature. Visual cues like organic forms and materials evocative of the underwater life unify the design concept. Fluid transitions from private to public spaces, from indoors to outdoors, are experienced throughout the development.

The Reef’s dynamic forms take it’s architectural inspiration from it’s name: “ a strip or ridge of rocks, sand or coral that rises to or is near the surface of a body of water”.